EEG, risen from the dead…

It’s been years since I posted anything new. So many projects have come & gone, but I still return to my neurofeedback favorite from time to time. In addition to my own circuitry, I recently acquired this neat & simple, 2-channel EEG-SMT device from Olimex.


This company basically sells a spin-off variant of the main ModularEEG circuit from the OpenEEG project. Costs about 140 euros (with 2 pairs of active electrodes, 1 pair for each channel obviously… and 1 passive electrode for the DRL). If you have the money but you dont have the time to dick around with building your own circuit, then just do yourself a favour and buy one of these for yourself! Check out Olimex’s EEG page here:

~ by teknomage on April 23, 2013.

One Response to “EEG, risen from the dead…”

  1. You ROCK!

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