Real Cyberpunks don’t use hair product, just electrode gel

Woke up with the smell of dried up electrode gel in my hair… my body felt weary but my mind was on fire and humming with thoughts and conclusions about the  experiment I had concluded just the previous night. I had emerged from a 3-hour long EEG recording session, during which I meditated so deeply, I felt I was one with the Machine. There were points at which I was in harmony with my EEG headset that I had built and upgraded over the years.. it felt strange and exciting at the same time. Anyone who has built their own equipment and actively experimented with EEG, Neuro-feedback and/or BCI may know what I’m talking about. When you work intimately with electronic devices (especially those you’ve built or put together) that provide you with audio or visual feedback of your own bio-rhythms (in this case, one’s own brainwaves), there are times when you’ll notice how the waves from each hemisphere come together in harmony, even if ever so briefly. And you feel the thrill of knowing that you can spot and identify those moments with the help of your recording equipment. When there’s this constant flow of information that gives you a picture of your own brain’s inner activity, your thoughts and recognition of it further strengthens it, thereby establishing a neuro/cognitive-electronic feedback loop. And those sparks of utter clarity and mini epiphanies are what we neuro-freaks live for.

I’ll get into the technicalities of the session in a while, but this is not going to be a purely objective report of what occurred. There are MANY philosophical implications and conclusions I arrived at while I was in that meditative state, and they are based on MY observations of various subtleties that one experiences in such a state while being hooked up to your EEG setup. So, feel free to take my thoughts with a huge grain of salt. Suffice to say, I’m extremely proud of this headset I constructed.. and I’m thankful to both OpenEEG and OpenBCI for all the great work they’ve done to make such circuitry and equipment easily accessible to those of us who truly wish to build devices to help us understand the inner workings of our own brains. THIS is as cyberpunk as it gets, atleast AFAIK in the local DIY electronics scene in my corner of the world.


To be continued…








~ by teknomage on April 4, 2017.

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